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Kea Vibrant Red Hard Cover Journal with Magnetic Flap

Kea Vibrant Red Hard Cover Journal with Magnetic Flap

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Papacasso Kea Journal: Vibrant Red

Discover the perfect blend of elegance and functionality with the Papacasso Kea Journal. Crafted meticulously to embody our commitment to individuality and creativity, the Kea Vibrant Red evokes passion and energy, perfect for capturing bold and dynamic moments.

  • Size: 5.3”x7.9”, ideal for portability and ample space for your ideas.
  • Cover: Hard cover with an eco-friendly Italian Corduroy faux leather finish, inspired by nature’s beauty.
  • Binding: Magnetic flap fixates the cover, ensuring your pages remain secure and your thoughts protected.
  • Corners: Rounded corners for a sleek, sophisticated look and added durability.
  • Paper Quality: Premium 80gsm FSC-certified ivory paper, providing a smooth, luxurious writing experience that minimizes ink bleed.
  • Pages: 256 blank pages, offering you the freedom to express without the confines of predefined templates. Each page is a canvas for your creativity.
  • Limitless Use: The blank pages do not limit you; you can combine any activities, hobbies, and work in one journal, creating a limitless space for your thoughts and plans.
  • Additional Features: A convenient pocket at the back, crafted from durable paper, perfect for storing notes, mementos, or loose papers.
  • Color Options: Available in five vibrant colors, reflecting the majestic Kea bird's natural beauty.
  • Special Touch: Each purchase supports a noble cause, with 5% of sales donated to the WWF organization to help preserve endangered species.

Papacasso is dedicated to providing "Peace of Mind." Our Kea journal is not just a journal, it’s a haven for your thoughts. Whether you are an entrepreneur, artist, student, or dreamer, this journal is designed to empower your journey. The blank pages of Kea transform into a mirror of your brain, reflecting your thought process, improvements, changes, and additions, facilitating your exceptional journey called life.

With Papacasso’s Kea Journal, let your thoughts soar free and find peace in every pen stroke. Embrace the experience of putting pen to paper and watch your mind's creativity take flight, unbounded and limitless.

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